I am originally from Barcelona where I studied Product Design and Ceramics and where I set up my first studio. Then, I moved the studio with my parter to Mexico pulled by their ceramic skills, the understanding of the pre-columbian ceramics and the interest to know how ceramics are made in another culture.

After 4 years working with ceramics in Mexico and having learnt how to work with very limited resources, I set up my own studio in the UK in 2012. Mexico was an outstanding opportunity to gain experience and courage to face all the elements of making ceramics from another point of view. Working from scratch. Making our own clay, gas kiln, glazes, tools...

Porcelain thrown and fired at 1.300ºC is the body that I use. After years using terracotta in Spain, I started to introduce stoneware until porcelain was the chosen body. It gives me what I need, mainly the whiteness and the strength to be fired in high temperatures. I need whiteness and temperature to apply the glazes. Glazes are my passion.

I understand that what the viewer sees first is the surface, so glazes are a crucial factor for me. As important as the shape, if not more. The glazes are the ones that will give the finish, personality, strength, electricity or peace, excitement… to the piece. Porcelain is like a white canvas ready to apply the glazes that I had been researching. 

I am trying very hard to summarise all my feelings and ceramic convictions in producing well balanced large jars or vessels. I have chosen the shape of the vessel because of their human tradition and history. Jars have been always with us, since Prehistoric times. I strongly believe that this is a very intrinsically attached shape to the humanity that everybody understands. I have chosen this shape to apply my glazes and all the research behind them.

The main inspiration comes from the classic shapes of the Roman amphoras to the Greek and Egyptian vessels, the sublime Korean Moon Jars or the Pre-columbian vessels. I am fascinated by how this ancient shapes persist and survive together with the evolution of the humanity. I am very interested in how these vessels can be found in every culture around the world and throughout the history, breaking borders between cultures and uniting them.

I have a particular interest in a type of glazes called “Oil Spot Glazes”. Oil Spot glazes are from the family of the tenmoku glazes originally discovered during the Song Dynasty, 10th century, China. These incredible challenging and technically demanding glazes have so much expression and richness. They are ideal for the type of work that I am after. A large classic shape with strong glazes.

I make large vessels because of their statement and presence. The perception is almost spiritual when you see them. They have a strange energy that captivates me over and over. I find on large vessels the best opportunity for the glazes to develop and express themselves freely and fully. A large clean, classic, quiet and humble shape with the power of the glazes is a very exciting concept for me. 

I like to contrast the classic shape with new and sophisticated materials that today are in the market. I try to keep the legacy of the potters from the past but with the modern technology. Starting from the highly reliable raw materials for the glazes and the chemical bonds that they produce, the so technically advanced tools like the spray guns or the precision of the pottery wheels and kilns. They allow us to go a step further in the production of ceramics.




2006                  Elisava (Pompeu Fabra University), Barcelona, Spain, BA (Hons) Product Design


2010-2011         IDEFT Institute Guadalajara, Mexico, Ceramics

                          IDEFT Institute Guadalajara, Mexico, Firing Assistant

2010                  Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Mexico, Mata Ortiz Ceramic Technique

2009                  Helado Te Estudi de Ceràmica, Guadalajara, Mexico, Gas Kiln Construction

2008-2009         Escola Industrial, Barcelona, Spain, Ceramics

2008                  Esther Ramos, Barcelona, Spain, Firing Techniques Workshop

2007-2008         Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain, Ceramics

                          Chisato Kuroki, Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona, Raku Firings

                          Jornades de Ceràmica Celrà, Girona, Spain, Workshop

                          Marc Vidal Ceràmica, Barcelona, Spain, Apprenticeship

2007                  Escola de Ceràmica de la Bisbal, Girona, Spain, Ceramics


2016-2020         Albert Montserrat Ceramics, Pickering, UK

2015-2016         Richmond Adult Community College, London, UK, Curriculum Technician (Ceramics)

2013-2016         Albert Montserrat Ceramics, London, UK

2009-2012         Helado Te Estudi de Ceràmica, Guadalajara, Mexico, Partnership

2007-2009         Helado Te Estudi de Ceràmica, Barcelona, Spain, Partnership

2008                  Patent, Barcelona, Spain, Columbarium made with Ash Glazes and Ceramics

2006-2008         Josep Carreté Arquitectura, Barcelona, Spain, Draughtsman and Ceramic Sculpture


2019                  "New Ceramics", Beaux Arts, Bath, UK


2022                 "Transgressions", Contemporary Ceramics of the Design Museum, Barcelona, Spain

                         Collect, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

2021                 Collect, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

                         Artefact, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

                         "New Ceramics", Beaux Arts Bath, Bath, UK

                         "Alcora Ceramic Contest", Alcora's Ceramics Museum, Alcora, Spain

2020                 Art Miami, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Miami, US

                         Collect, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

                         London Art Fair, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

                         "Carry on Creativity", Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

                         "All the Fading Landscape", The Garden Gallery, Hampshire, UK

2019                 "Post Creacions", ACC Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

                         "Young Masters Art Prize", 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

                         "Summer of Ceramics", Doddington Hall, Lincoln, UK

                         Art in Clay, Hatfield, London, UK

                         Potfest in the Park, Cumbria, UK

2018                 Ceramics Biennial "Angelina Alós", Can Tintoré Museum, Barcelona, Spain

                         Beaux Arts, Bath, UK

                         Centre of Ceramic Art - CoCA shop, York, UK

                         "Rhapsody in Blue", Hexagon Classic Design, London, UK

                         Miar Arts, Brighton, UK

                         Art in Clay, Hatfield, London, UK

                         Potfest in the Park, Cumbria, UK

                         "A slice of Yorkshire Creativity", Bils&Rye, Kirkbymoorside, UK

                         Maiden Bridge Gallery, Lancaster, UK

2017                 "The Dark Side of the Moon", Hexagon Classic Design, London, UK

                         "Porcelain Perfection", Bils & Rye, Kirkbymoorside, UK

                         Art in Clay, Hatfield, UK

                         "A Whiter Shade of Pale", Hexagon Classic Design, London, UK

                         The Round House Gallery, Derbyshire, UK

                         Miar Arts, Brighton, UK

                         Cut The Mustard Gallery, Langholm, Scotland

                         Potfest in the Park, Cumbria, UK

                         Pots & Plants, Powys, Wales

2016                Cambridge Art Fair, Bils & Rye Gallery, Cambridge, UK

                         Ceramics in the City, London, UK

                         Bath Contemporary, Bath, UK

                         "Summer Exhibition"Sculpt Gallery, Colchester, UK

                         Art in Clay, Hatfield, UK

                         "Meet the Artisans"Bentalls Kingston, UK

2015                 "The Art of Firing"Sculpt Gallery, Colchester, UK

                         The Loughborough Hotel Gallery, London, UK

                         Morley Gallery, London, UK

                         HIVE, Bils & Rye Gallery, Harrogate, UK

                         "Ceramics in the City", London, UK

                         Art in Clay, Hatfield, UK

                         "Prize Exhibition"RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, UK

                         RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, UK

                         Erwood Station Gallery, Powys, Wales

2014                 Mall Galleries, London, UK

                         Morley Gallery, London, UK

                         Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK

                         Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington, UK

                         Riverside Gallery, Richmond, UK

                         The Spring Gallery, Hampshire, UK

2013                 National Funeral Exhibition, Birmingham, UK

2011                 IDEFT Institute, Guadalajara, Mexico

2010                 "Mexico's Nacional Ceramic Competition", Guadalajara, Mexico

2009                 Bbrownie Coffee Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico

2008                 ADI-FAD, Barcelona, Spain

                         Roques Blanques Cemetery, Barcelona, Spain

2007                 Funermostra, València, Spain

                         Villegas Ceràmiques, Barcelona, Spain


2020                 Alcora's Ceramic International Contest CICA2020, Alcora, Spain - First Prize

2019                 Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize - Highly Commended Award, London

                         and Young Masters Lerouge Knight Art Award, London, UK

2018                 Ceramics Biennial "Angelina Alós", Barcelona - First Prize

2015                 London Potters Annual Exhibition, London - First Prize "Best in Show"

2014                 London Potters Annual Exhibition, London - First Prize "Best in Show"

                         London Potters Annual Exhibition, London - Visitor's Vote


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Barcelona Design Museum, Barcelona, Spain

Alcora's Museum of Ceramics, Alcora, Spain

Can Tinturé Museum, Barcelona, Spain

Private Collection, Doha, Qatar

Hutton-in-the-Forest, Cumbria, UK

Reliquaries, Marcs i Urnes Bach, Barcelona, Spain

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